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Welcome to the Chauvin Museum

Welcome to the Chauvin Museum

The Chauvin and District Museum chartered in 1982 is the accumulated work of over 150 Community volunteers through the years. The museum has an estimated 4200 items and 3000 documents in its collection.

Housed in the former St. Aubins Catholic School (1920-1963), the grounds display a collection of farm and oil field equipment, the Roros School, and an early home from Chauvin. The museum has recently acquired several pieces of vintage railway equipment.

Two additional buildings were placed on the grounds in 2021, being the 1908 business office of A.E. Keith, Chauvin’s first mayor, and a 1920’s summer cabin from nearby Salt Lake’s first beach community.

In 2022, a complete renovation to the interior of the museum was commenced, scheduled for completion in 2023.  A CN bunkhouse constructed approximately 1925 was placed on the grounds and land prepared for the laying of railroad tracks.